Donasi Gizi

Story of William Wongso

As an Indonesian culinary expert and icon, William Wongso knows almost everything about how to serve the country’s best traditional dishes.

And after nearly 50 years of cooking, he’s currently on a mission to share his recipes with the world and let people from both the country and abroad savor the flavor of Indonesia.

Local Taste, International Standard

Halal, Authentic, Practical

This ready-to-eat meal especially formulated by Indonesia’s Culinary Expert, William Wongso boasts Indonesian local spices. Pawon Om Will (POW) made of selected spices and ingredients processed in a halal manner, providing you with healthy and simple way to enjoy Indonesia on your tastebuds.


No Additives

No Artificial Colorant

No Preservatives

Savor the Indonesian Flavors Easily

Explore your favourite Indonesian taste with Pawon Om Will

Chicken Opor

Balinese Spicy Chicken


Chicken Rendang

You like to explore culinary experience but…

No time to cook

You’re so busy you don’t have time to cook.

You can’t cook

You love homemade Indonesian food, but can’t cook

Concern about Food Safety

You need healthy and hygienic meals.

Quick and Easy

You need quick-to-serve meals, anytime and anywhere.

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