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About Pawon Om Wil

What is Pawon Om Will?

Pawon Om Will is a series of ready-to-eat foods with authentic flavors made from recipes developed by Indonesian Culinary Expert William Wongso. Each batch of Pawon Om Will uses natural ingredients and without preservatives, which are processed hygienically to produce healthy foods that are easy to store and serve

What variants or flavors does Pawon Om Will have?

Currently-available variants are chicken rendang, chicken opor, and Balinese spicy chicken. More variants to come uclude beef rendang.

In addition to meat-based foods, Pawon Om Will also has a series of sambal (Indonesian chili paste) and spice paste products. Some sambal variants include sambal hijau (green chili paste), sambal merah (red chili paste), sambal matah (Balinese raw sambal), sambal bawang (garlic and chili paste), and sambal kecombrang (raw sambal with torch ginger). Meanwhile, Pawon Om Will’s spice paste products will include rendang, opor, and Balinese spicy mixes.

How to serve POW?

Pawon Om Will can be served directly from its foil package. If you want it served warm, leave it submerged in boiling water for 10 minutes then served. Do not microwave Pawon Om Will along with its foil pouch.

Practically and Long Lasting

How to store POW?

Keep Pawon Om Will at room temperature of about 30°C.

How long can POW be stored?

Pawon Om Will can last for 1 year in room temperature.

Why can POW last that long?

Pawon Om Will is processed using the retorting method. The technology requires foods to be cooked in its retort pouch at 121,1oC for at least 60 minutes.

Authentic taste

What are POW’s ingredients?

Each package of Pawon Om Will is made with chicken or beef cuts, water, natural seasoning and spices, vegetable oil, and multi-purpose creamer FiberCreme.

How many calories there are in each package of POW?

Each package contains about 160-270 calories, depending on the variants.

Does POW contain preservatives?

Pawon Om Will products DO NOT contain preservatives. To extend the shelf life, Pawon Om Will relies on hygienic and sterile processing facilities, as well as the retorting technology which cooks the food while simultaneously killing the bacteria that may cause food spoilage.

What makes POW a better ready-to-eat choice?

Offering products that are Healthy, Authentic, and Practical, Pawon Om Will only uses natural ingredients and excludes the use of preservatives. The selected ingredients are then combined with recipes from Indonesian culinary expert William Wongso to produce foods with Authentic taste. The modern process it’s made with also allows Pawon Om Will to produce practical foods that can be eaten right away without having to be recooked or reheate.


Produced Hygienically

What’s the difference between retort food and frozen food?

Retort foods are ones made by heating packaged foods in retort machine at 121,1oC for at least 60 minutes. The heating process stops contamination and allows the foods to remain in good condition for up to 1 year.

Meanwhile, frozen foods are ones preserved at a temperature as low as -18oC. Frozen foods can only last for 6 months in the freezer.

How is POW made?

Pawon Om Will uses selected chicken and beef cuts mixed with natural ingredients. They’re cooked, packaged, and sterilized in a retort machine heated at 121,1oC for at least 60 minutes before shipped to customers.

Are POW’s products halal?

Yes they are. The halal certification will soon be available.

Are POW’s products registered to the Indonesia’s FDA?

Some Pawon Om Will variants have been registered to the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority using the registration numbers below:

Balinese Spicy Chicken: BPOM RI MD 639713018581
Chicken Rendang: BPOM RI MD 639713016581

Scan the QR codes on every Pawon Om Will packaging to check the validity of the registration numbers.

Currently, we are still working on getting registration numbers for other Pawon Om Will variants.

Price and Order

How much does POW cost?

Chicken opor: Rp 26.000

Balinese spicy chicken: Rp 27.000

Chicken rendang: Rp 33.000

How can I buy POW?

Pawon Om Will is available for online purchase through its Instagram page and the FiberCreme Online Store (www.onlinestore.fibercreme.com)

Others Excellence

How many servings does each POW package contain?

Each 100 gr package can be served as one portion or two.

Does POW contain coconut milk?

Pawon Om Will contains no coconut milk. Instead, each recipe is made with FiberCreme – multi-purpose creamer that serves as high-fiber alternative to regular coconut milk.

Do I have to add more spices or seasonings prior to consumption?

You don’t have to, because each Pawon Om Will pouch already is already cooked with the perfect amount of spices and seasonings to bring you delicious and aunthentic Indonesian flavors.

What’s the best way to eat my POW?

Pawon Om Will can be served alongside warm rice or mixed with other foods to make new creations.